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          Department of International Cultural Communication






          Established in 2012, the Department of International Cultural Communication (DICC) is the first of its kind in China aiming at training talents who will disseminate traditional Chinese arts, especially Chinese theatre arts. 

          As an educational institution, DICC’s teaching functions and duties are as follows: 1) undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international cultural communication majors, 2) college English for all the students in National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA), and affiliated to the department is the Institute of Cross-cultural Communication and Management. The courses of DICC mainly focus on such undergraduate subjects as Intercultural Communication, Cultural Industry Management (Theatre Management to be specific), and graduate subjects as Cross-cultural Communication and Management, Art History&Art Theory and Pedagogy Principle of Tradational Opera. The teachers of DICC undertake all the courses of college English, Art Theory and Art Education.

          DICC boasts excellent teaching staff, who are highly educated, professionally competent and culturally diversified, with world-renowned scholars as its guest professors. This department stands out for its multi-cultural specialists in teaching.

          DICC has cooperated in education over the years with a great many oversea universities such as Royal Roads University in Canada, Ulster University in Ireland, Binghamton University in USA, Concordia University in Canada and University of the Arts London. It has also established a practice and research base in Beijing Performance & Arts Group and in China Oriental Performing Arts Group, Co., Ltd. The Department has signed an agreement for jiont training project with CPAA Theatres(China Performing Arts Agency Theatres). Besides, DICC has built a good relationship with Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre Management Co. Ltd and Beijing Wenhua Chuangyi Magazine.

          DICC has been delicated to the spreading of traditional Chinese culture heritage over the world, which is consistent with the striving goal of NACTA. How could DICC achieve its goal? The answer is by high-rank and classic teaching methodology.